Advancing law and policy aimed to legally protect the sustainability of life and health on Earth.


We are a team of lawyers located at the Barry Law School in Orlando, Florida. Our goal is to advance laws and policy designed to protect the natural systems, species, and entities that sustain life on Earth. Our work is based upon the concept that humanity has a basic responsibility to care for and protect the long-term health and well-being of Earth, meaning all beings and ecosystems that constitute the natural world, recognizing that humanity is an integral and interdependent part of nature.

Earth Jurisprudence is an emerging field of law that encompasses both environmental ethics and legal practice. Recognizing that we face unprecedented ecological challenges that impact every aspect of our ecosystems, Earth Jurisprudence seeks to develop a philosophy and practice of law that gives greater consideration to nature, by recognizing the interconnectedness of Earth's natural systems, the inherent rights and value of nature, and the dependence of humanity and all living beings on a healthy Earth.

Earth Jurisprudence requires a shift in how we legally protect the natural systems that sustain life on Earth with a more scientifically comprehensive approach-- one that approaches environmental law through a lens focused on the health of ecosystems.  This requires a shift in law and policy.

We have an obligation to protect and sustain a viable Earth for current and future generations. A truly sustainable future is based on healthy ecosystems. Current environmental laws seldom consider the true welfare of future generations or nature,  but instead routinely apply a cost-benefit analysis that uses an economic measure to prioritize short-term human interests over the undervalued long-term benefits of a healthy Earth.

The Center seeks to develop a philosophy and practice of law that respects and protects the natural world in its own right.

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Two things are needed to guide our judgment...for the challenges ahead: a certain alarm at what is happening at present and a fascination with the future available to us only if we respond creatively to the urgencies of the present.
— Thomas Berry

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Find out about our organization and our mission. We seek to develop a philosophy and practice of law that respects the natural world in its own right.

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The Center's Director emeritus Presents at TEDx Jacksonville.

Just as the ideals of human rights are protected by legal systems, the rights of nature must be protected by Earth Jurisprudence. Hear Sr Pat Siemen's appeal to our innate sense of justice in her proposal of basic rights for all Earth's systems and creatures.

CEJ is housed at the Barry University School of Law in Orlando, Florida.