The Southeast Sustainability Director’s Network are a professional network of local government sustainability officials in the Southeast US. They collaborate to accelerate the adoption of sustainable best practices across the region. The purpose of this network is to build capacity for community sustainability in the Southeast. SSDN strives to support members in their work, influence sustainable policies and programs at the local and state levels, and lead the advancement of national sustainability.

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The Green Volusia program is a long-term initiative designed to provide residents and visitors with information about green, or sustainable, practices.

Being sustainable or being green involves each of us reducing our impact on the environment.  From the trash we generate, the purchases we make, the energy and water we use, to the driving we do. All of these things have an impact on our environment.  Green Volusia aims to provide information about environmentally responsible practices that benefit the whole community as well as encouraging stewardship and conservation of our natural resources. Green Volusia's actions for sustainability were recognized by the Florida Green Building Coalition who awarded our re-certification as a Green Local Government in 2017.


Boys & Girls Clubs have been strategically placed in eight communities in the areas of greatest need within Volusia and Flagler Counties. We provide safe environments for youth during non-school hours, Monday through Friday, select weekends and summer. Our strategy is simple yet sets us apart from other youth service agencies. We believe in giving young people the opportunity to excel. We create an environment where they learn to value themselves and others. We give them a place to fit in and feel welcome. The Clubs offer young people adults who respect and listen to them, a safe environment, and constructive activities that channel youthful energy into challenging pursuits. Additionally, we engage adult family members through educational and personal development opportunities. Our traditional values and the belief that every child has the inherent ability to be great is what positions us in the forefront of youth development.

For more information on the Lacey Family / Spring Hill Boys & Girls Club, please visit their website.

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The Spring Hill Resource Center provides a convenient location where members of the Spring Hill community can obtain assistance on job searches, resume creation, unemployment compensation, SNAP, notary services, social security, under-insured health care coverage, school supply, computer access, print, copy and fax services, volunteer hours, DCF, healthy living/HIV, and other income based assistance programs.  


The Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) is a national network of government working to achieve racial equity and advance opportunities for all. The Alliance is a joint project of the new Race Forward  and the Haas Institute for a Fair  & Inclusive Society.

Developing a network of government focusing on racial equity is critically important to getting to different outcomes in our communities. The goal must be beyond closing the gaps; we must lift up overall outcomes, focusing efforts those who are faring worst. Deeply racialized systems are costly and depress outcomes and life chances for us collectively. To advance equity, government must focus not only on individual programs, but also on policy and institutional strategies that are driving the production of inequities.