An e-mail from Thomas Berry & Sister Pat's goodbye

On Sister Pat's last day in the CEJ office, she shared with us this wonderful and inspiring e-mail she had received in 2007 after founding the Center, from Thomas Berry.  

As today is my last day at CEJ I thought it appropriate to share an email I received from Thomas Berry back in January 2007 as CEJ was just getting started. He says, “If there is any single act in America that could bring about an integral Earth community, it is, I believe this legal recognition of the rights of all beings throughout the Earth. The term “rights” being defined as giving every being its due, it follows clearly that rights are qualitatively different.”
This is my continued hope for CEJ’s work into the future as well. It has been a privilege to work with so many creative and committed colleagues. May Earth and all her beings and expressions thrive.
— Sr. Pat Siemen